Hello Transition Game Family!

Since the creation of this Association, my dream was to one day offer the opportunity for my kids in the USA and Internationally the opportunity to together share in their passion for basketball and at the same time experience on another’s culture in hopes to open their minds to a global vision. It is for that reason I and my team have made the conscious effort to have two camps, affording the opportunity to all campers whether they choose to stay in their country or travel abroad to experience this cultural exchange. There will be kids from abroad coming to the camp in New York and kids from the USA coming to the camp in Paris.
I hope to share this enriching experience with as many kids internationally as possible. 

See you all soon !  All together ! ONE FAMILY ! 






The Spirit of Ron Stewart's Camps!

Through basketball, the coaching philosophy of Ron Stewart is to install a work ethic that causes youth to go beyond what they think is possible by developing their potential, their confidence and a willingness to go the extra mile. A developmental training that will help them grow not only the court, but also and especially in their daily life and future.

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