Coach Stewart Training

Transition Game

Rules & Regulations

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What I expect from you on the court, is no different than what I expect from you with your school work and your chores at home. If you are not giving maximum effort in these two areas you will not be permitted to train, which will be held in the same regard as an absence without reason, therefore no reimbursement
Sessions will start on time. please have sneakers laced up and shirt in shorts at the start of the session. If arriving on time is a real issue due to circumstances beyond your control, I must have knowledge of this situation in as well in advance as possible.

The training facility and the persons running it are to be respected. Upon arrival to the facility, noise must be kept down and upon entering into the gym. I nor anyone else should hear your voice. You will be expected to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to your session. Upon arrival you are to prepare yourself and neatly arrange your belongings in a designated area. Once your session is finish you will have 5 minutes to vacate the gym area.
Attire: Adequate basketball shoes, Shorts, T-shirt or Jersey and a water bottle.

Conduct: You do not speak unless you are spoken to, unless you have a question or you don't understand something, by all means SPEAK UP!! You are to give your maximum effort to listen and execute to the best of your ability.

Injury: If you are injured prior to coming to train don't come, if you injure yourself during the session please alert me in the case I do not know.