Ron Stewart's Transition Game is greater than simply teaching the sport of basketball.  Transition Game effectively has experience and expertise in all relevant facets involved with and surrounding the sport, the business of basketball as well as basketball as a means to a goal of a fulfilled life!  Our pro services include the following, contact us for rates.


Transition game has and will provide camp direction.  We are called upon by cities around the globe to implement the Transition Game philosophy, format and instruction to camps run by Professional Athletes who have the desire to give back, but not necessarily the executive management experience it takes to execute it with profound successful camper results, yearly growth and camper return.  

International cities and their club teams contract Transition Game to bring its structure, methods and knowledge to their facilities to teach their coaching staff and players on the games theoretic science, schemes and skills.  In either scenario, Transition Game gears up it's staff, from business people, coaches and sport specific fitness experts and travels prepared to implement championship direction.


Transition game provides scouting services for teams and coaches on all levels.  From NBA scouts and GMs, to college and high schools who want intricate evaluations of players mentally, personally and physically.  If you are trying to evaluate or locate talent in the U.S. or abroad, our roots and contacts are deep, far and wide.  We also prospect our own roster of player talent from within our camps, AAU and business roster for review.  

Player Agent

Transition game provides representation for players making the move onto the professional level where contracts and monetary compensation enter the game.  Advocacy, analysis, advice, placement and negotiations are the services we offer on a personal level that is intimate with all things considered such as personal and athletic goals, strengths, weaknesses, and a teams strategic psychological, physical and philosophical approach to the game.  Basketball is a business and a job, we represent people/players based on purpose driven lifetime goals!

Player Prospect Profiles & Exposure Combines

Throughout its travels, camps and program, Ron Stewart instructs, analyzes and evaluates a plethora of talented players both in the U.S. and abroad.  While doing so, we comprise a database of talent.  We provide subscribed "partners" with such talent by age, size, position, goals, psyche and skillset.  You can find scholastic, college and pro prospects posted here, feel free to call and inquire!  In  addition, we host invited top prospects to display their talents to scouts in organized combines.

Parent Strategy Consulting

Many parents find themselves at odds with their children's dream and aspiration to excel in basketball.  Whether it's the H.S. he/she is attending, why they aren't playing on their team, AAU team business questions, to if their dream is realistic, what it would take to make their dream attainable, how to get exposure, to what college should they choose!  Ron Stewart, has lived and experienced all the above as a player to GM of a professional team in Europe.  As a result, Transition Game offers parent consulting including analyzing and evaluating your child's talent, followed by advice and a plan of action. Feel free to call for a free initial consultation!